Compost Church Hill

04/07/2014 20:41

Richmond, VA - On Saturday March 29, 2014, students from a Management class at Virginia Commonwealth University braved the cold and rain to volunteer their time and hands in the noted Richmond neighborhood Church Hill.


Between 29th and 31st Street, Chimborazo Playground Park and Community Gardens is nestled. VCU students worked in and around the thirty garden plots available for aspiring gardeners to rent. As instructed by local gardeners, students weeded, raked leaves along the fence, and laid gravel around the garden beds. One of the major projects on Saturday was to sift through the compost bins to get all the rich soil from the bottom for the gardeners to use this spring. After the garden was clean, volunteers planted asparagus and strawberries into the beds outside. As the rain drizzled harder, students worked faster and more efficiently.


As the tasks were coming to an end, the students headed back to VCU. “With your help, we got things done that we never would have been able to accomplish with our meager 30 odd gardeners”, says John, a local gardener who delegated tasks and maintains the garden.


These VCU students are required to complete a set amount of service learning hours for their Management course; however, it has evolved from a project they have to do, to a project they want to do. Student John Waller, says he was pleasantly surprised with the satisfaction he felt when the day was over. “I woke up this morning dreading the day, but as we all came together in the rain, I saw how much good we can do for the community if we just work together. Just six hours of our time is helping to provide a successful spring and summer crop for members of Church Hill.”


Students will continue these good deeds as they tackle many more neighborhoods of Richmond throughout the remaining semester.


Compost Church Hill was a successful event.